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Join Our Local Support Group! 
Turner Syndrome Support for St. Louis

​Our local Turner Syndrome group offers support and a sense of community to those dealing with TS. This support group provides opportunities for individuals with Turners Syndrome to celebrate successes and build friendships, as well as a safe place to discuss fears, troublesome experiences and "taboo" subjects. Parents of girls with TS gain information to help their daughters, and the chance to network both with other parents and with successful adult women with TS.​ There is no cost to join, it's FREE! Get e-mail updates on Social Events, Meetings, and more! ​Join our local group on the Home Page of this website by signing up to be added to the mailing list.​ We hope to see you at our next event!

icon_book.pngConnect with Others 

Turner Syndrome Support for St. Louis ​creates a "STL TS Connection" database​ as a great way to connect with other girls in the St. Louis area who are also going through some of the same issues involved with TS. ​Listings in the "STL TS Connection" database​ are entirely optional. To be included in the "STL TS Connection" database​, please fill out the form on the Home Page of this website. 

Access the "STL TS Connection" database​  ​STL TS Connection.pdf


​We are grateful to receive any goods to be used for arts and crafts or snacks for the young girls at the TS Clinic. For donations of these items, please contact Cheryl Jost,​. Monetary donations are used to help purchase these items for the TS Clinic as well as literature to be given to parents of newly diagnosed children of TS. ​​​Donations also make social events, such as the TS Annual Spring Picnic, free for our TS circle of friends. This allows families touched by TS to build relationships and network among peers. ​All donations remain locally in the St. Louis and surrounding areas. ​​​Your gift is 100% tax deductible. ​​Turner Syndrome Walk is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If you prefer to donate ​by check, please make it payable to "Turner Syndrome Walk Inc." and mail it to P.O. Box 684​, Maryville, IL 62062. Thank you!




​​Social Committee​

Turner Syndrome Support for St. Louis​ hosts an Annual Spring Picnic and various activities throughout the year. The goal of these events are to promote comradery and education among girls with TS. If you would be willing to help plan these events, please contact Amy Zambrano,​.​​

TS Clinic Committee​​

​Turner Syndrome Support for St. Louis plans activities for the children to participate in during their visit to the TS Clinic at Cardinal Glennon Chidren's Hospital. Activities include arts, crafts, games, snacks, etc. ​If you would be willing to help plan these events, click here for information:

TS Clinic Volunteer Info.pdf and contact Cheryl Jost​,​.

​​Fundraising Committee

​Turner Syndrome Support for St. Louis plans the Annual TS Walk and from time to time hosts fundraising events. To help plan these events, please contact Brittany Hall,​.


adv_mktg_icon_1.pngIncrease Awareness and Educate Others​

February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! Help raise awareness in your local area: 

  • ​Download this flyer to put on bulletin boards at your local coffee shop, sandwich shop, children's afterschool activities, etc. Let people know about TS! It's more common than ​Cystic Fibrosis!  Click Here
  • ​Have your child's pediatrician/physician/nurse/health care provider complete this online 1-hour workshop to receive 1 FREE Continuing Education Credit. ​It will ensure that healthcare providers are not failing to recognize a diagnosis of TS! Physician CEU​
  • Get a TSS-STL Awareness Sticker to put on your car! Let those mom's in Walmart parking lot see the symptoms of TS and possibly relate to their undiagnosed daughter! ​Get Your Awareness Sticker​
  • Have your daughter's principal put an article about TS in the school's Feburay E-Newsletter. Click here​ for a copy/paste template to send to your principal! Attach the Flyer (see above) and the Proclamation (see below) to it!
  • Share your own personal TS story with anyone who will listen!! Talk about TS! Talk, Talk, Talk! Spread Awareness! You will come across new people who also have TS and invite them to our website to join our group!

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon issued these Proclamations:

​​2012      2013      2014​     2015     2016    2017

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn issued these Proclamations:

2012      2013      2014     2015     2016     2017

research-icon1.jpgPromote Research

​NIGMS Repository​

NIGMS Repository at Coriell Institute for Medical Research - "Banking for the future" by donating a sample to a cell repository is an investment that has the potential to greatly accelerate, improve and advance scientific research on Turner Syndrome. Please consider donating a sample to the NIGMS Repository at Coriell.​ NIGMS Repository.pdf


Clinical Trials

​Find a clinical trial that is right for you!  ​​Search Clinical Trials​