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​All of these items are available for FREE at the Turner Syndrome Clinc!


Across Lifespan Book.jpg​​Book: "Turner Syndrome: Across the Lifespan​​​​"

This ​​​book is a must have for any woman with TS or parent of a girl with TS! It breaks down all the various symptoms of TS into each individual chapter so you can get a full understanding of the syndrome. Very easy to read and ​informative! Topics include genetics, growth, heart health, thyroid issues, 

puberty, infertility, bone health, diabetes, hearing, skin issues,​ school and learning issues, and many more. Highly recommended! 

See a sneak peek into the book: Across the Lifespan Sneak Peek.pdf


Coley Story Book.jpgBook: "Coley's Story"​

​This booklet is full of photos and an upbeat description of what it's like to have TS from a 4 year old's perspective. For any young girl with TS, this book is guaranteed to become their favorite! It helps young girls with TS relate to other children who are going thru the same issues. A great tool for parents trying to explain TS to a young child!

See a sneak peek into the book: Coley's Story Sneak Peek.pdf


Guide for Teens.jpgBook: "A Guide for Girls with TS: Ages 11-15"​

This booklet will help teens understand Turner Syndrome and give them an idea of what it means to be a teenage girl with Turner Syndrome. It will provide teens with input and advice from other girls and women with TS about the issues they face and how they cope with them. A great tool for teens trying to understand how Turner Syndrome fits into their life!

See a sneak peek into the book: Teen Guide Sneak Peek.pdf